Relax Water Effect

“Relax Water Effect Is An easy to use and great looking enhancement you can apply to the desktop of your computer in order to give it a real watery look.”
SideNote : This Software is for sell as a product. You can buy this software with source-code from me to resell. Are You Interested ? You can contact me at zrayumtech(at(gmail(com))) or post a comment.

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Relax Water Effect is an easy to use application to enjoy great looking water effects on your PC. Here's List of Things You can do with This Software ..
  - Add Realistic Rain Effect.
  - Sink Your Computer Screen In Water.
  - Make Water Tunnel/Wave Effect.
  - Enjoy Pouring Water On Your Screen With Responsive Effect.
  - Customize Background Image and Music To Suite Your Test.
  - Set This Application As Screensaver.
  - And Much More Enjoyable Fun Stuff ..

“An easy to use and great looking enhancement you can apply to the desktop of your computer in order to give it a real watery look.
Relax Water Effect is a simple yet quite effective means of customizing your screen to give it an original look. The screensaver included in the package can make your desktop look like it is submerged under water.
The water ripple, rain drop and other effects will surely transform the appearance of your PC and Relax Water Effect also allows you to select the desired background image and add music.”  - Softpedia 

Lucid Dreaming Software


“Lucid Dreaming Software helps you to induce lucid dreams by reminding you to perform reality-checks while you’re on your computer.”

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Features :
  - Easy to use
  - Nice User Interface
  - Can be invoked at startup from tray
  - Reality Check Reminders
  - Hollow Reminder – Reality Checks
  - Tips And Tricks

The major requirement to lucid dream is to remind your self about reality, ‘knowing whether you’re currently dreaming or not’ which includes performing reality checks throughout the day.

Lucid Dreaming Software helps you by reminding you to perform reality check while you’re on your computer.

Hollow Reminder :
Software also introduces ‘Hollow Reminder’ technique which contains text ‘Am I Dreaming ?’ and ‘Is This A Dream ?’ floating around your screen every hour to remind you to perform reality checks.

Tips and Tricks :
Lucid Dreaming Software also shows some tips and tricks which will help you to lucid dream.

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Happy Lucid Dreaming !

Note : As lucid dreaming skills varies from person to person SOFTWARE does not provide any kind of guarantee that you’ll be able to lucid dream for sure.Lucid Dreaming Software is a computer software to remind you to perform reality checks when you’re working on your computer.Reality Checks, Tips and Tricks and Hollow Reminders are just tools to help you induce lucid dream AUTHOR takes no liability for any kind of damages, use the SOFTWARE at your own risk.

FastCutz - A Shortcut Tool

“FastCut is an amazing, simple, easy to use shortcut tool that helps you to launch your favorite file, folder and websites faster.”

FastCutz is now Totally Free

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Features :
  - Easy to use
  - Drag And Drop Files/Folders
  - Time Saver
  - Lightweight
  - Can be invoked at startup
  - Can work as window’s Run utility [Start->Run or WindowKey + R]

Let’s see an example how FastCut software saves your time by helping you to launch your favorite files, folders and websites faster.

Suppose you want to open your favorite song located at ’D:/Songs/Fav/MJ/thriller.mp3′ Normally you would first double click ‘My Computer’ than after total of 12 clicks of browsing you’d be able to listen it.But with FastCut software all you have to do is drag and drop thriller.mp3 to Fastcut window and add it after that you can just launch it anytime by ..

pressing shortcut key on your keyboard (by default – PageDown key)
then press ‘t’, shortcut will be automatically searched in the list then just press Enter key to launch it, simple
This just saved you 12 mouse clicks thus it’s clear how helpful the software is.

This way you can save your time by adding your favorite files, folders and even websites as shortcut to Fastcut software.

Using FastCut as Run [Start->Run or WindowKey + R]
Yes, You can also use Fastcut as Windows Run Utility.

All you have to do is press the keyboard shortcut key (by default – PageDown key) and then type the command you want to launch (e.g. notepad) and press Space key (or click Run button) and it’ll be launched !

So Start Saving Your Time By Reducing Amount of Mouse clicks with this handy, light-weight FastCut Software.