Compiz Fusion on Puppy Linux

Today i am posting about how to get Compiz running on Lucid Puppy Linux.

Compiz fusion provides various graphical effects such as water effect,wobbly windows,fire effect,transparency,airplane effects and lots of others ..

First of all download graphics driver as per your graphics card from
if you are not sure which card you have or dont have those card than try
after that download
after installing both .pets right click Desktop->WM Switcher and
select xfce and press restart X , you may need to reboot as well if it won't work ..

Now you'll be welcomed with compiz fusion logo then open some window and go play with it :)
You can do lots of fun stuff  with it , search for compiz fusion video in YouTube you'll find much more information and demonstration ..

you can also download my compiz profile if you want, it will smoothen wobbly effect ;) to activate this profile go to compiz-config-manager select 'preference' and press import new profile. click here to download


  1. Just to let you know that the link for http:/ appears as when you click on it. By the way there is a / missing from the link URL

  2. Thanks Rick for letting me know :)
    Problem's Fixed Now.