How I made TortoiseGit to work with Bitbucket

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 , , , , , 6 Comments

hi there
here's steps i did to make git, TortoiseGit to work with Bitbucket
it's personal note but i thought it'll be helpful to someone so put it on the blog :D
first of all create bitbucket account,create new repo and get the url of that repo (you can get it by clicking' i am starting from scratch' button or something), it's pretty basic as i learn more things i'll update this article

Getting set up-ed

1. install git and TortoiseGit
2. search and execute puttey key generater (Puttygen.exe)
3. click generate and move your mouse on blank area
4. enter 'key passphrese' and press 'save public key'
5. create new folder, right click it and select  TortoiseGit ->Settings and fill 'name' and 'email'
6. again right click the folder you just created and select 'Git create repository here ..'
7. new dialog will popup saying 'make it bare' just click ok
8. now add test.txt file to that folder and right click that folder and select 'Git Commit'
9. in the commit dialog fill in the details, following screen-shot may help

10. press ok in the process dialog click 'Push'
11. in the push dialog add remote url you can do it from manage button

after clicking manage button set remote repo

12. Press OK and provide password
13. see the message everything went well ? (yes) ? woohooo : google
14. have fun !
15. i wanted to reach at 15 steps hehe so have more fun

Now to commit changes

1. change the content of test.txt file
2. right click the file after you save changes and select 'Git Commit tool'
3. in it, first press 'stage changed' then press 'sign off' then press 'commit', dialog may close automatically
4. then go back to repo folder and right click, select 'Commit' and do same process that you did previously
5. have fun !


  1. I can't find this
    5. create new folder, right click it and select TortoiseGit ->Settings and fill 'name' and 'email'
    name and email? where exactly?

  2. in latest version it's easy
    right click on your repo
    go to Settings -> Git -> Credential on right side select wincred - current window user
    you'll be asked for password only once when you push or sync
    that's it hth

  3. TortoiseGit ->Settings and Select Git Item In Left Pane You'll see Name and Email On Right Side !!

  4. You can add part for pull option(when someone want to share its project with you). It's not to much different but it can help :)

  5. Thanks Will Do That Soon :)