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“Lucid Dreaming Software helps you to induce lucid dreams by reminding you to perform reality-checks while you’re on your computer.”

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Features :
  - Easy to use
  - Nice User Interface
  - Can be invoked at startup from tray
  - Reality Check Reminders
  - Hollow Reminder – Reality Checks
  - Tips And Tricks

The major requirement to lucid dream is to remind your self about reality, ‘knowing whether you’re currently dreaming or not’ which includes performing reality checks throughout the day.

Lucid Dreaming Software helps you by reminding you to perform reality check while you’re on your computer.

Hollow Reminder :
Software also introduces ‘Hollow Reminder’ technique which contains text ‘Am I Dreaming ?’ and ‘Is This A Dream ?’ floating around your screen every hour to remind you to perform reality checks.

Tips and Tricks :
Lucid Dreaming Software also shows some tips and tricks which will help you to lucid dream.

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Happy Lucid Dreaming !

Note : As lucid dreaming skills varies from person to person SOFTWARE does not provide any kind of guarantee that you’ll be able to lucid dream for sure.Lucid Dreaming Software is a computer software to remind you to perform reality checks when you’re working on your computer.Reality Checks, Tips and Tricks and Hollow Reminders are just tools to help you induce lucid dream AUTHOR takes no liability for any kind of damages, use the SOFTWARE at your own risk.


  1. ehh hi there , i want to register the serial key thingy , everytime i press on the (I Dont Have a Key) button it sends me to this : : which says (Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist) can you help me? :c

  2. hi checkout info at right side box named 'FOR REGISTRATION KEYS OF SOFTWARE' or send me mail at zrayumtech at the rate gmail

  3. Hi, is there any method to contact you, like a contact form? I can't see one anywhere. Anyway, if you see this, can be chat over a client like Skype? I'll check back here shortly so if you reply with a method of contact then I will see it :)


    1. you can mail me at zrayumtech at the .rate. gmail .dot. com

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