Puppy Linux a small OS that can boot from USB

Hello guys ..

i recently found a linux OS named puppy linux which can run on USB and provides lots of feature and it's awesome , Puppy Linux is near about just 130 MB [ Lucid version ]
Puppy Linux provides 'persistence' feature it means you can save your files,setting and work and is very easy to install on usb , hard drive etc..

Puppy Linux Website : http://puppylinux.org/
Puppy Linux Forum : http://murga-linux.com/puppy

How to Install it on USB :

1. Download Lucid Puppy From Here :

2. Download Universal-USB-Installer From Here :

3. Execute Universal-USB-Installer and follow the steps :)

now just restart your system and keep USB attached ,you may need to press F8 [ F12 on some system ] to enter in multiboot menu and select your USB to boot it and Enjoy ! ..